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The Icejigger Type R is a version of the original Icejigger featuring a 9.6V rechargeable battery (included) allowing more powerful motorization and a wider spectrum of speed adjustment. It is also equipped with a new rigid and resistant tripod. The device is designed to bring your bait to life during an ice fishing session. It is used with an open type fishing rod which is supported by the support provided for this purpose. This waddle device allows you to give controlled movement to the lure used, the speed and range of movement are adjustable. In addition, the sensitivity of the grip can be changed with the positioning of the rod in the supporting hand. Upon a hit, the rod tilts and an audible alarm and a light signal notify the fisherman.

context of creation

Following the change in regulations for ice fishing at the permitted bait level, NGtek seized the opportunity to develop a system that mimics the movements of a live bait.

For a limited time: $169.99 taxes included !

Therefore there remains to remove the rod of support and hook the fish!



Extend the legs to the desired length (ideally maximum). Then, assemble the case on the tripod by inserting the female part of the case into the male part of the tripod and tighten the handle to secure them together.


Place the clamp perpendicular to the housing and tighten the knurled bolt.


Open the clamp by pushing the button down and install your ice fishing rod. Be sure to position the reel upward. The end of the rod should point to the front of the case and the clip on the handle should be in front of the reel (Positioning of the rod).


In order to allow the fish to not feel the line, it is necessary to reduce the tension of the brake but it must be tight enough to tilt the rod.


Put the button in the ON position.


When a fish bites, the rod will swing forward once past the level and remain in that position. An audible and visual alarm will go off.



To adjust the sensitivity of your Ice Jigger, you must move your rod forward or backward in the clamp to increase or decrease sensitivity (closer to the swivel = more sensitive.)


Adjust the amplitude by sliding the knob forward for greater amplitude and backward for less amplitude.


Adjust the speed with the “dimmer”.


9. Battery's case

Le couvercle ne s’installe que dans un seul sens, presser la gâchette d’ouverture et pivoter vers la droite.

10. Removing the battery

Retirer la batterie de l’appareil et débrancher le connecteur.

11. Speed

Une fois la batterie à l’extérieur du boîtier, brancher le connecteur avec celui du chargeur fourni avec l’appareil.Note : Il est fortement déconseillé de laisse tout type de pile sur une charge sans surveillance.

12. Installing the battery

Positionner la batterie à droite dans son emplacement, le fils de connexion vers le haut. Refermer le couvercle en positionnant les crochets à droite et la gâchette à gauche.